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Thrive in Your Career with a Dedicated Fitness Coach

Heavy Weight Lifter


I started exercising when I was young. Since then I have suffered many injuries in the muscles, joints, and exhaustion trying to figure out how to properly train. When I finished a mission for the church of Jesus Christ of a Latter Day Saints, my fire to become stronger only increased.


I dove into deep studies of the physiology and kinesiology of the body, as well as how we function in stress driven environments. This lead me to perfect my training in ways that help the body both correct and overcome pain points driven from hard labor.


I decided to use this training to help men like me, who need that relief, and want continued health throughout their lives so they can continue to work hard and provide for themselves and their families.

Tim, Mississippi

"I was skeptical at first, but I gave Jared a try, and he definitely went above and beyond! I ended up with almost all the range of motion I used to have as a kid! 10 out of 10 recommend."

Jamie, Utah

"My wife was going through social and saw this ad. She told me it would be worth a shot because it’s half the price of the other trainers online. We tried it, and I’m not gonna lie, it was awesome! Now when I’m in the gym, I don’t feel like I’m lost and sweaty for no reason lol!"

Taylor, Colorado

"This is simply the easiest program I’ve ever followed that has gotten me these results! I’ve never felt more alive!"


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